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Music Video "Hikikomori"


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Fuji Track Downloads,

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Pages from the Original

Story Board Comic and 

Even Being a Guest or Featured Actor on Set!

Updated 10.18.2016

Updated 4/10/16


To all my fans and backers to make this happen!

The filming was SO MUCH FUCKING FUN!!

I truly loved every bloody second of it. 

Music Video Premire Date Coming Soon!

We are also releasing a very special

Behind the Scenes Featurette

Where you can see the journey of this production from the storyboards all the way through to the final take on set. Includes lots of never before seen photos from the production crew as well as interviews with the cast and crew!

Music Video Filming is a Rap!        Watch it now!

First Sample Clip

From Her Upcoming Album FUJI YAMA

" I will be releasing samples to give everyone a peek of my 2016 Album "

藤山​ (Fuji-Yama)

"I want to share with all of you some of the tracks I am the most excited about, I just can't wait! Having had a challenging year means at least it'll be a sweet batch."  -FUJI

Denver Rapper Anxious Features

Fuji Dreskin Illustration for Album Design

Debuted at the 2015 Mona Lisa

 Album Release Party                

Updated 2/18/16

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