Fuji, Japan. 2008.

Andrea and Sam.

Above: Fuji during her time at Parsons Paris for Graphic Novels and Fashion Design.

Below: An excerpt from the short story

DEATH: Chapter 1, that Fuji completed under Loïc Sécheresse.

Fuji Dreskin was born and raised in Denver, Colorado with her parents and older brother and sister. Her family has always called her by her middle name, Fuji, after her maternal grandmother.
She spent the last 8 years living and working in beautiful Oakland, CA and recently relocated back to Denver.

​Her mother June Inuzuka is an independent film director who focuses on our family's and Japanese American History.Her father Dr.Stephen Dreskin was born and raised in South Carolina, where his mother Jeanet Dreskin, still continues her life's work as a medical and surreal illustrator at 95. Her older brother Sam is an illustrator and musician in Denver, CO. Andrea, the eldest of the three, is a photographer and mother, and also in Denver with her husband Bret.

The Denver School of the Arts (Colorado) for Visual Arts,
North Kanazawa High School (Japan),
Parsons Paris for Graphic Novels and Fashion Design,
​ BFA in Illustration at Californ
ia College of the Arts
(San Francisco/Oakland, CA).

"Living in other countries when I was younger has been a big part of shaping my perspective. For history and art definitely, but also for how we all connect to each other world-wide, person to person, beyond government representatives and laws. Understanding how both animals and people are treated around the world inspires my art completely."

Fuji Dreskin Illustration ( www.fujidreskin.com) has worked with such artists as the Colorado rapper Anxious, Oakland based Namorados Da Lua, and the Official Youtube Gangnam Style Remix. In addition to providing custom paintings, portraits, websites and tattoo designs, Fuji's passion projects are usually of the comics, fashion and cannabis variety. H
er short story comics titled DEATH are featured at ComicsFix.com. The stories take place in a different ancient cities around the world. The characters all have in common that they die by page 5.
I liked the idea of the traditions that were instilled upon the people who died and how that carries on after.

"My illustration experience has always served as one of my most useful tools as rapper. Drawing and painting, especially in traditional media, between music sessions is also how I develop things like the pre-production art for my music videos and album covers. I am thankful I have the opportunity to pursue both. Developing websites and art for other musicians has also connected me with many people Im very lucky to know today."

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Capoeira Luanda Oakland circa 2012

with Professor Macarrão 

 Left to right: Stephen, Sam, Andrea, June and Fuji.


Alita Cosplay from Battle Angel Alita 2010

100% Handmade. Cosplay Awards included Anime Pavilion's 1st Place Best in Show, Femme Fatale Award, Achievement in Engineering, Diamond Select Toys Award, Best Intermediate

(non-professional) Cosplay and more.

 Kanazawa, Japan 2008 

FUJI is a

 Female Rapper and Hip Hop Artist from Denver, Colorado.

FUJI Dreskin